Who I Am and What I Do

My Background


Steph Goldman holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and has been an educator for 13+ years in grades PreK up to adults, she is a 500RYT, Certified Doctor of Metaphysics, Registered Holistic Health Practitioner, Registered Metaphysician,  Reiki Master Instructor and Accredited with the World Metaphysical Association International Accreditation Board, and the American Council of Holistic Healers, and certified spiritual life coach. She recently also certified to be a Yoga Trapeze® Instructor. 

Fun Pics of Me!

Cardi B and me at a meet and greet
Helpful Resources

MST - an app Beyond MST available on google play and apple, or Make the Connection

Domestic Violence- Get Help   ( I love this link because it gives the victim ways to leave the site quickly)

Alcholic- Alonon