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Are you feeling overwhelmed and helpless? Do you feel that life is "never" going to get better? Do you think "this is all that I deserve", or that "I am getting what I deserve"? Have you ever wondered, "is this as good as it gets?" You have not landed on this page by accident. I am here for you⁣⁣⁣

I help women find the root of their pain, and then provide 1:1 coaching and energy work to guide them to wholeness, freedom, and clarity.

Honest and Reliable


Dianna Revilla

Imagine Your Future

Can you see yourself climbing out of the rut you are in and have clarity?

Imagine what life could be like for you if you finally let yourself be seen and break the cycle?

Imagine finally being free of self sabotaging your dreams!

See yourself being liberated and confident the way you deserve!

That feeling of confidence that you will have.


I can help you get there.

Energetic Goddess Within

Liberated Goddess, Shit Gets Better

Over the course of 6 weeks together, I'll take you by the hand and show you how to overcome being stuck and become Liberated! 

Liberated Goddess, Shit Gets Better

What you get!

Week  1 Goddess Routines

Create routines to de stress so that you can begin to be mindful, free, and have more clarity.

Focus: Root Chakra

1 Reiki Session

Week 2 Violet Flame

Forgive yourself, balance karma and release limiting beliefs, helpless becomes powerful

Week 3  Raise Your Vibration

Ditch overwhelment for liberation  

3rd eye

2nd Reiki session

Week 4 Ritual of Awareness

“How it always is” just got mindful which will create a new reality.

Week 5  Energetically Charged

Get rid of self sabotage and get an energetically charged boost of confidence

Solar Plexus

Week 6 Clarity, it's blinging!

Declutter the muck to become a clear, confident, liberated goddess.

3rd eye

Reiki Session


Who I Am and What I Do

Hey, I’m Steph.
I was miserable, I was in a rut and thought, "this is as good as it gets". I never could get ahead or even just find balance. I was always just surviving in finances, relationships, and really just life in general. I always ignored all the red flags and I  thought I could "fix" my partner. Relationship after Relationship I failed. I would get all my bills caught up then wham!!! I would have an emergency like my car my get a flat. I tell you it was always something. I was so unhappy. 
I hit rock bottom and knew I had to make some real changes or I was never going to have the life I deserved. I almost ruined my relationship with my husband because I began to self sabotage but I made a real change by practicing yoga fully, working with energy and later becoming an energy practitioner. I began going to therapy, and acquired my own manifesting coach. 
And here I am, happily married and a manifesting queen! My husband loves me in a way that I have always dreamed of and he supports me daily. I now go on shopping binges, any concert I want to attend, and I got meet and greets with Cardi B and my favorite athlete Julian Edelman. We just had a second home built in OK. I love life and am happiest when I am able to help others. Almost 4 years have past since I hit the bottom,  now I am a Spiritual Life Coach helping women who are very similar to myself.
Now I want to help you.
[Let's get started!]

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